Monday, October 13, 2014

Taking a Moment to Brag

I was truly blessed with the best family. Sometimes when I hear others talk about their family relationships, I realize yet again how grateful I am for the family I have. When I moved back to Phoenix in February two of my brothers and my dad came up from Yuma, some taking work off to help me move in on a Friday, to a third story walk-up. They also at the time offered to help me move out when I bought a house and said going down would be a lot easier than hauling my stuff up. (Just as a reminder to those who offered, my move-out date is Saturday, November 15th. Thanks ahead of time, guys.)

Buying this house has been another proof of their amazingness. They are so helpful and considerate. The windows had no coverings whatsoever and I really wanted to get curtains up but I wanted to do them inexpensively and I also wanted to learn how to sew. So I bought painter's canvas and cut a panel to the size I wanted. My mom loaned me her sewing machine and I attempted my first solo sewing project. It was TERRIBLE. Seriously bad.

I called my mom almost in tears, feeling a desperate urge to get curtains up in the house for my sister and her family. My mom was planning on coming to town that weekend for something else but immediately promised to stay and help. My sister-in-laws, Tennille and Nancy, were coming into town too and enthusiastically offered their help and time. In a couple hours that Saturday, they had all 8 panels sewn.

I also bought some inexpensive sheers but the rod-pocket was not large enough to fit on the curtain rod I bought. So without any notice, I showed up at Nancy's house on a trip home with material and thread. Without any complaint she went right to work. She tried to teach me to sew, which I did appreciate, but then I screwed up her machine and we agreed to leave the remaining sewing to her. They fit perfectly now.

Before the curtains were even finished, I bought the curtain rods, hooks, and finials. I wanted the rods and hooks up so even though I didn't have curtains my sister could throw sheets or blankets or something up to cover the windows. My brother Matthew and brother-in-law Josh offered to help and went right to work figuring how to get them up. Which let me tell you, it may look simple, but it was not a simple process. My dad even helped put up a couple when he was here. And my brother and bro-in-law re-did a couple for me because I hadn't measured right the first time. What great patience they all showed with me.

To save money for curtain rods, I just bought long wood dowels from Home Depot and had them cut to the lengths I wanted. I did want to dress up the rods so I also bought these finials and once again my family did the work of screwing the pilot holes and centering them for me. (I will paint the whole thing white soon.)

This past Friday my dad taught some classes after work, then drove three hours getting in past midnight, just to get up early and help me start painting my house. After painting, he drove home that night to make his early morning Sunday meetings. Before we could paint, we had to demo the master closet because I have a new closet being installed this week. My dad jumped right in and did all the demo and then we started painting. We got the closet, hallway and moved into the living room. The whole house was painted in a pinkish beige and while the paint job was recently done and in good shape, I think its too dark. I chose Ultra Pure White from Behr and I love it, I can't wait to see the whole house painted.

Also just to use up the paint we had in the tray we did a strip down the living room ceiling. I'm doing the ceiling in the same color just with a flat finish. This was the only ceiling part I did, my dad did the closet and hallway ceiling. I learned I am not a natural painter and its a good thing I have a day job. But I did like painting much better than sewing, thank goodness because I have quite a bit more to do.

With my dad in town, my brother Matthew and his family came over to visit and despite him being tired and there just to visit, he put on my new programmable thermostat. So grateful for his help. So many little projects in a house and they are never ending. A couple weekends ago my brother in law also put together my lawn mower, mowed my backyard, and put up light controllers on the outside lights.

My family hasn't just helped with projects, they help with everything. I called my brother Ben last week because I have a CPE conference in Vegas in December and I asked if I could stay at his place for the week. Before I finished my sentence, he said of course. He also let me and my best friend stay there in July when he and his family were out of town. I can't list the innumerable times my family has lovingly, patiently, without complaint, jumped in and helped me. I know I worry less about life and am willing to try more things because I know they'll be there to help if when I need them. They also are really fun and cool and we always have a great time together.

There is a song I learned in church as a child, it says "I have a fam'ly here on earth. They are so good to me. I want to share my life with them through all eternity." I believe that there is life after death and that families can be together forever. My family truly is good to me and I am supremely grateful I get to spend now and forever with them. They're the best!

These photos were taken by Josh's (far left) Grandpa Price this past May. We were in my parent's backyard in Yuma. I love having a big family, more people to help me ;)

Also more cuties to love on! 20 nieces and nephews, yep, go ahead and count them. And there are more on the way! I love being an Aunt to the best, cutest kids in the world.

So blessed and so grateful!

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